Friday & SATURDAY night


First show approximately at 6:30 - 7:00pm

Second show approximately at 8:30 - 9:00 pm



How did it all begin? 
13 years ago we opened our doors and owner Tracy choreographed and taught a short Italian style dance to her original and opening staff to perform at the grand opening party. It was such a hit that she continued to perform this dance every Friday and Saturday night since.

Through the years the dance has evolved with pizza spinners, a dancing kitchen and even the children of the owners. Tracy keeps the interest high by creating new dances with popular music ranging from swing, 80’s, broadway and even Thriller by Michael Jackson. When December rolls around a new holiday performance is created as many patrons have deemed our holiday show a part of their holiday tradition.

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Pizza Spinners

Meet our pizza spinners Shaylin and Berto. Our pizza spinners perform every Friday and Saturday Night along with our servers. Stop by and say "Hi" to our spinners. 


Dancing Kitchen

Our entire staff is part of the show including our chefs! It's a family affair and quite a show. 

Holiday Dance

Every year from Thanksgiving weekend through the new year, a holiday show is created and performed every Friday & Saturday Night. The owners each have two children and through the years the holiday theme changes and their kids are added into the performance playing chipmunks, toys, bakers, etc while dancing, singing, and spinning dough. It has become a holiday tradition for some of our customer's families to come and see the show. During this time we are told they look forward to a new theme and watch the kids grow through the years. 

2015 Christmas

2015 Christmas