Banquet FAQ's


Q: What steps do I need to take to book a banquet?


1)   Select the banquet package from the pdf available here.

2)   Download our Banquet Room Reservation Agreement. Available here.

3)   Give us a call or click here to book your next event.


Q: Can you make a reservation and not book a banquet package?

A: Yes. We accept reservations. To book your reservation please call 831-469-4400 ext 1 which will ring into our bar. Our managers can assist you with setting up your reservation. (The Banquet Coordinator does not setup non-banquet reservations.)


Q: What is included in booking a banquet?

A: Regardless of which accommodating package you choose these items remain the same. You get the banquet room private for two hours with full service. All the food is served family style and you choose the menu in advance for everyone. Your guests also choose from our refillable beverages. All of these items are included in our per person price. Please see the information below on how to reserve the room.


Q: Where is the banquet room located in your restaurant?

A: Our banquet room is located just past the main dining room to the right where the hallway begins. You will see a large barn door which you may choose to keep shut for more privacy or open all the way.


Q: How do I reserve the banquet room?

A: It’s simple. All you need to do is return the Banquet Room Reservation Agreement filled out in full. This includes:

1) Entering your contact information

2) Entering you event date and time

3) Entering the due date for final headcount and menu selection which is generated by the Banquet Coordinator

4) Entering your credit card information for your deposit

5) Your signature and date. Click here for Banquet Room Reservation Agreement.


Q: How does the $200 deposit work?

A: You provide a credit card to the Banquet Coordinator and this will be kept in the office. You will only be charged the $200 if you do not show for your event and you did not cancel 24 hours prior. You pay however you would like upon the closure of your event. We do not apply the $200 toward your tab.


Q: When do I need to provide my final headcount and menu selection?

A: Upon filling out the Banquet Room Reservation Agreement, the Banquet Coordinator will provide you this date. It is important that you provide this information no later than this date as your event is subject to cancellation. If you have this information prior to this date, we love to hear from you.


Q: How long do I get the banquet room for?

A: You get the room private for two hours which is an ample amount of time to get your through all courses without being rushed.


Q: When should we arrive for our event?

A: Your banquet time is your start time so we suggest having your guests arrive at least ten minutes prior. This allows your guests some extra time to park and it allows everyone to begin the service at the same time.


Q: If we are running late to our event, who do we call?

A: If you are running late or have a change of any kind on the day of your event, make sure you call 831.469.4400 and choose Option 1 asking to speak with a manager on duty. The Banquet Coordinator is not available except during hours listed. Leaving a message for the Banquet Coordinator is not valid and will not be received prior to your event.


Q: What is the minimum and maximum number of guests to book a banquet?

A: Monday – Sunday Lunch: Minimum 15 / Maximum 30

     Monday – Thursday Dinner: Minimum 15 / Maximum 30

     Friday – Sunday Dinner: Minimum 20 / Maxiumum 30 (Formal Dinner Package)


Q: What if I don’t meet the minimum number of people required?

A: That is ok if you physically don’t have enough people. You will still be charged for the minimum number of guests.


Q: Are kids under 2 years old charged?

A: No, we do not charge for kids this young but we do need you to mention them in your headcount so that we can accommodate space for them.


Q: On the Formal Dinner package, do you have a kids price?

A: Unfortunately not. Everyone regardless of age is $32.95 per person before tax and gratuity.


Q: What is included in the per person price?

A: The per person price includes: the room private for two hours, all the food served family style and refillable beverages. It does not include the 9% tax or 18% gratuity.


Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

A: We accept cash and all major credit cards. Sorry, but we do not accept checks, purchase orders or money orders.


Q: What does “family style” mean?

A: Family style dishes means larger portions for your guests to share. You choose the type of dishes for the entire party and the Banquet Coordinator will make sure the quantity of food is correct.


Q: What does it mean that I pick the “type” of dishes?

A: It is your choice on what kind of food you would like. For example: If you choose a package that says “choose two types of salads”, you would look at our entire salad menu and select two.  The Banquet Coordinator will ensure that the appropriate amount of both salads will be served.


Q: What menu do I select from and what about menu modifications?

A: This is great! You have our entire menu to choose from. Our entire menu is online. We do have some preferences though when choosing pastas. We prefer that you choose one of our “creations” instead of “creating your own pasta”. We also do not suggest raviolis or lasagna as they are not as easy to spoon and distribute evenly. Other than that, go for it! We can most always exclude an item from a dish but cannot substitute an item.


Q: What drinks are considered “refillable beverages”?

A: Coffee as well as all of our fountain drinks such as soda, lemonade and iced tea are included. Any drinks that come from the bar are an additional charge.


Q: Can you accommodate vegetarians and vegans?

A: Yes. Please speak with the Banquet Coordinator on your dietary needs and everyone will be taken care of.


Q: Can I bring my own decorations?

A: Absolutely. You are welcome to lightly decorate the room. If you need more than just a couple minutes to do so please mention to the Banquet Coordinator when booking your event. Otherwise just arrive a few minutes ahead of your guests and let the manager know so they can help facilitate the right time for you to sneak back.


Q: Can we bring our own wine?

A: Of course! You are more than welcome to bring your own wine as long as we do not offer it. The corkage fee is $8 per bottle for a 750 ml bottle.


Q: Do the tables have tablecloths?

A: Our tables do not have tablecloths. The tables will be set the same as the restaurant with centerpieces and silverware settings.


Q: Is dessert included?

A: If you have chosen the Formal Package (lunch or dinner) your dessert is included. Your guests will choose on the spot whether they would like Tiramisu or Cheesecake.


Q: Can you bring your own dessert?

A: Absolutely. You are more then welcome to bring in your dessert. There is a fee of  $1 per person.